dan kelpinger, artist


Filmed over the period of thirteen years, this Academy Award-winning documentary is a chronicle of Dan's life - from his years in a special needs school to his college graduation. A frank, uplifting epic of triumph over adversity, the program is also the portrait of an artist's birth, since it was Dan's discovery of painting and drawing that freed his spirit of expression from the prison of his body. His ongoing career as a successful painter attests to his victory over nearly insurmountable obstacles both physical and societal.

Videos Available for Purchase at Video Press:

King Gimp: For Students
Special director's cut of King Gimp with adult-rated language removed and additional therapy footage. Closed captioned for the hearing impaired. For more info and to purchase click here.

King Gimp: Long Live the King
Two programs in ONE! The King's Miracle - From the moment King Gimp wins an Oscar, the miracle starts Dan on a new journey. The King of Arts - Explore the richness of a virtual gallery of Dan's paintings and hear his commentary on being a professional artist. For more info and to purchase click here.

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